Friday, August 3, 2012

Making Baby Food

Trey and I decided early on in pregnancy that we (I) were going to make Cash's baby food.  We got what seemed to be a really good babyfood cookbook and couldn't wait to use it!  Well, that time has come.  Cash's pediatrician told us at his 2 month check up that we could introduce him to solids at 4 months.  So, at today's grocery store trip I bought some foods to begin that next milestone.  Tonight after I put Cash to bed I began diligently making 5 foods that we can start trying out tomorrow!  This endeavor took approximately 2 hours.  I hope I can stick with it.  

I made:

sweet potatoes

I plan to start out with the sweet potatoes.  I didn't follow the recipe exactly on quantity for this first round as I want to wait and see what he likes.  (I don't want a huge amount of apples if, for some reason, he doesn't end up liking them.  The recipe called for 6 of them but I made 2.)  So, we'll see how long my stash of food lasts.  I definitely have enough to stick with each food for 3-5 days each, unless he just hates one, then I will discontinue.  

*We were advised to skip rice cereal due to his constipation issues.  That'll just clog him up more.  :)

I can't wait to give him his taters tomorrow evening and get some photos and video.  I will post that tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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