Sunday, June 24, 2012

pickin' blueberries

I went blueberry pickin' with my friend Bobbie and 2 of her girls today.  (Cash stayed home with Daddy)  I'm not really into eating blueberry's.  I ate more blueberry's today than I have ever eaten in my entire life.  But I decided that it would be something different to do - AND I can make some blueberry muffins, smoothies, pancakes, etc. out of them.  I ended up picking just over 2 pounds and froze most of them so that I may bake with them later on.  I made a smoothie out of some this afternoon as well as snacked on the remaining.

I only picked from the bushes that had tasty berries, so I ended up with 2+ pounds of delicious, plump blueberries.  Now, I'm spoiled!!!

my bucket at probably 1.5 pounds full

this bush will be jackpot next week!

me and 2 of those sweet Byrd girls :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

happy 3 month-day!

Today was Cash's 3 month-day.  We went swimming in celebration!  Before we left the house I got a picture of him with his little tie on of course.  I just love these ties.  They are adorable.  In the previous posts I told you about his current milestones, so I won't revisit those.  There isn't anything new over night.
his new favorite thing to do - chew his fists!

I will take a brief moment to brag on his slumber.  He has been sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours each night over the past week.  I will disclose that he does not sleep in his crib; he sleeps in his swing which has been relocated to his bedroom since we discovered that this is his preference for sleeping, which was the first week of life.  (he's always been a good sleeper as long as he's been in his swing!) You see, (& don't judge) he MIGHT sleep for 2 hours at a time in his crib.  But when he sleeps so well in his swing, I just can't justify not taking advantage of it.  Especially when my health is so dependent upon it - and really it's a vicious cycle being that his health is dependent upon my health (with my epilepsy and all).  I'm not being sleep greedy, I promise.  So one day, when the time comes that he just can't sleep comfortably in the swing anymore and he has no choice BUT to sleep in his crib we will put him there, but until then, he gets his way.  By the way, we've tried transitioning him into the crib on two different occasions and both times were disastrous.

1-2-3 bubbles!

Kaila floating in her crab

chillin' with daddy - love the sunscreen hair!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Typical Day

Well, on Monday I go back to work.  I'm not looking forward to it - AT ALL.  I've gotten used to being a stay at home mommy with my little guy.  Doing the things that make him happy, leaving whenever I feel like it, staying in my pj's half the day.  Don't get me wrong, being a stay at home mommy isn't easy - I still get up at 7 - 8am and typically don't get a nap, but I don't have to listen to a boss; I AM the boss!  :)  And my crowd is quite a bit cuter.  I have grown to like it.  If I am EVER given the chance to be a full time SAHM, I'm seriously going to consider it.

Our typical days have been including tummy time (which Cash HATES - I'm lucky to get 3 good minutes out of him before he starts screaming), bumbo time (which he LOVES - he just explores the little toys I put on the tray for him so intently and I thoroughly enjoy watching him do this), reading books, laying on his activity mat, going to the pool (about 3-4 days a week), and going to visit various grandparents throughout the week.

He has been cooing and ooh-ing and ahh-ing more and more.  He's giving us smiles more and more often.  These are all the moments I live for and I'm so grateful that I've gotten to enjoy them these last few weeks.  I look forward to all of the many more moments that are yet to come!

I love how intently he studies these toys.  He's really into exploring them!

He really wants to figure out how it works.  

He just loves those fists.  :)

love those baby blues...

Monday, June 18, 2012

playful Jill

For Father's day, we went to my parents house.  Jill wanted to do tricks, so I got out the camera and tried to capture some of them.  Tried.  She's a fast little booger.  Even on the "action" setting I didn't get many good ones.

Mom made some deee-licious ribs and corn on the cob, potato salad and rolls; cheesecake for dessert! Of course Trey had a great 1st Father's day - getting to enjoy a weekend of the U.S. Open.  Saturday he got to enjoy an un-interrupted nap :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old Glory

My mom subscribes to Lowe's crafting magazine.  In it, they had this really cute craft for decorating an old shutter as an American flag.  Of course, I had to do it.  Mom just happened to have some old shutters laying around, so in exchange for giving me one of her shutters, I told her I'd repurpose one for her as well.  They turned out really cute, but I don't intend to make anymore.  Painting each of those individual slats turned out to be more of a hassle than I imagined.  Yikes!

Check Up

Well, I took Cash for his "2 month" shots and check up yesterday (6/13).  I put that in quotes because he was technically not 2 months, but rather 11 weeks.  The front desk lady scheduling the appointment was not very cooperative in making it at 2 months.  I guess it wasn't THAT important that it be exactly 2 months?  Regardless, he did great.  He happened to be hungry at the same time the shots were being administered so I was able to calm him down really quick by giving him a bottle immediately.  This made him forget all about the pain.  He's such a good little guy.  Speaking of little, he was 10 lbs., 12 ounces and 21.5 inches (I can't believe that some babies are born at this size and Cash is this size at 11 weeks!!!).  This put him in the 10th percentile for height and weight.  He's little.  poor thing.  I hope he doesn't stay so little or he will have a hard time getting a girlfriend.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

His First Dip... the pool that is! And he LOVED it!  Oma and I took him to the pool on Sunday and he was not happy until we got his little tootsies wet.  The farther we got him into the water, the happier he got.  Once he started getting hungry, he got fussy (of course).  Took him out, filled his tummy and put him back in.  For a good 20 minutes we chugged him around doing "motorboat" - getting nothing but smiles - and floated on his back for about 4 nursery rhymes.  He was totally happy.  Until he had had enough.  Now, let me back up a bit, Leslie (Oma) used to own a swim school, so she is going to be our swim teacher - and a darn good one at that!!

People keep asking if he is wearing floaties - NO.  That's a UV shirt... that's just a little too big for him :)

I took him back on Wednesday with my friend Bobbie at her neighborhood pool.  This time I put him under water a few times also.  Still loving it!  Can't wait to get him back in again tomorrow and this weekend!  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maci Blake Phillips

Maci was born on 5/23/12; Cash's 2 month-day. We all missed the birth! Mom, Dad and I were at Danielle and Matt's house with Matt's mom, Jane, and Aubrey since they had to be at the hospital so early for the induction. Matt was keeping us updated with her dilation and we had all agreed that we would head to the hospital when Danielle got to an 8. He told us she was at a 7, so we all started getting everything together and ready to go, waiting for the message saying she was an 8 and all of a sudden the next message was "SHE'S HERE!! - it all happened so fast!!" We were so bummed. It was taking soooo long to get to the 7, too. We just knew we'd have plenty of time. Looking back, it went pretty fast for the later stages with Aubrey also, but the final stages of this pregnancy were SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. than with Aubrey, we just had a hard time comparing the two. Ah well. We ended up with a beautiful baby and a healthy momma and baby! Lots of snuggle time!

 Maci was long and lean! 6 lbs, 8 oz. and 20 inches with a head full of dark brown, wavy-ish hair! She has long, skinny arms and legs and fingers and toes. She's just beautiful.

2 months

Well, we were in Tulsa for Maci's birth when Cash was 2 months. He traveled so well considering he was stuck in a carseat for 9 hours. His trip up there was much better than back, but he did fabulous both ways in my opinion. He only fussed the last hour on the way home. Turns out Maci was born on Cash's 2 month-day. I SHOULDN'T have a hard time remembering her birthday. However, I may end up having a harder time remembering this than I think.

 Cash was 10 lbs, 6 oz and 23 inches when we weighed and measured him at home this day. So he is growing good! He is such a good baby! He's sleeping pretty much through the night, most nights and only wakes up once on the nights that he doesn't sleep all the way through. He doesn't fuss much, considering he has some tummy troubles. We really have been blessed with him.