Saturday, June 23, 2012

happy 3 month-day!

Today was Cash's 3 month-day.  We went swimming in celebration!  Before we left the house I got a picture of him with his little tie on of course.  I just love these ties.  They are adorable.  In the previous posts I told you about his current milestones, so I won't revisit those.  There isn't anything new over night.
his new favorite thing to do - chew his fists!

I will take a brief moment to brag on his slumber.  He has been sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours each night over the past week.  I will disclose that he does not sleep in his crib; he sleeps in his swing which has been relocated to his bedroom since we discovered that this is his preference for sleeping, which was the first week of life.  (he's always been a good sleeper as long as he's been in his swing!) You see, (& don't judge) he MIGHT sleep for 2 hours at a time in his crib.  But when he sleeps so well in his swing, I just can't justify not taking advantage of it.  Especially when my health is so dependent upon it - and really it's a vicious cycle being that his health is dependent upon my health (with my epilepsy and all).  I'm not being sleep greedy, I promise.  So one day, when the time comes that he just can't sleep comfortably in the swing anymore and he has no choice BUT to sleep in his crib we will put him there, but until then, he gets his way.  By the way, we've tried transitioning him into the crib on two different occasions and both times were disastrous.

1-2-3 bubbles!

Kaila floating in her crab

chillin' with daddy - love the sunscreen hair!!

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