Friday, September 27, 2013

18 Months - Where Has the Time Gone?

The summer has passed.  Cash is now 18 months *gasp*.  I mean, seriously - it feels like yesterday that I had just given birth to him.  Trey took him to his 18 month appointment this past week, where he was 32" tall and 23.5 pounds.  He's finally gaining in the percentiles, probably a result of his late night binges.  He's in the 24th percentile for weight and 48th for height.  This is a big deal.  He was in the 5-10th percentile for both up until 16 months!  He's still talking up a storm, mostly unrecognizable gibberish, however, he LOVES to sing row, row, row your boat, and "row, row, row" is understandable, as is "merrily, merrily, merrily".  Other words that we recognize are:

  • done
  • NO! (no, no!)
  • dad, daddy
  • mom, momma, mommy
  • me
  • pup pup
  • i love you
  • kitty
  • hi
  • bye
He says other random things, but these are the common, most recognized.

He still only has top 4 and bottom 4 front teeth as well as 3 molars.  No sign of any other teeth at this time.  Baths are hit or miss, and depend on his mood.  He loves to eat, pretty much anything, but chicken nuggets are his favorite.  As well as bananas.  He loves his cars, of all shapes, sizes and ability.  And he loves to read.  He will tell a story like no ones business.  

Here are some photos from this summer, as it was a pretty busy one!