Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello? Is Anyone Still There?

Hi.  It's me again.  Courtney.  The slacker in the blog world.  Life has been crazy busy.  Or maybe I just choose not to spend what little free time I get back on the computer posting on the blog when I get home from work.  Yes.  We'll go with that.  Honestly, it's true.  I'm on the computer alllll day at work (it's a chore to even make myself get up to go to the bathroom, so literally, I'm staring at the computer ALL day unless in a meeting), so the last thing I want to do when I'm at home is get back on the computer.  Now, the phone is a different story.  HA.  But I just can't do a blog post on that.  So, as I am letting my nails dry and watch this ridulousness they call a movie - Sharknado - I decided I'd get all my photos uploaded to the computer, refresh my sync of my iPhone and do a blog post.  It's time.  It's only been about 3.5 months afterall.

So, Cash had his 15 month checkup last week and he was 22 lbs (10-25%) and 31 inches (25-50%).  He's creepin' up in the percentiles!  He also sat there and took his shots like a champ; just watched as the nurse stuck the needle in his little legs and didn't make a peep.  That night was a totally different story.  We had a fussbucket on our hands.

Now to back up.  At about 13 months, Cash started getting a BUNCH of teeth all at once.  He had only his 2 front bottom teeth up until this point, but then all of a sudden the 6 teeth all around those (top and bottom) all came in.  Then a few weeks later, we started cutting molars.  So to date, we have 8 teeth and 3 molars.  He eats just about anything you put in front of him, most of the time.  Sometimes he's moody about when he eats what though.  Like right now, he's not really diggin' grapes and strawberries, but he will eat the heck out of mandarin oranges and bananas.  He LOVES green beans and peas.

I recently took a week off of work to take Cash up to Tulsa to visit my sister, Danielle.  My mom went with us.  We had a good time there.  The cousins had a lot of fun playing with one another.  We went to the zoo, the aquarium and then did some shopping and played at the pool a couple days.  Other than that, we just did some backyard play.  Cash really enjoyed the time with Mama, away from daycare, but was glad to go back and see his daycare friends too, I think.  There's one lady there that, when she leaves each day, he throws an absolute fit.  I think it might be because she talks to him in Spanish?
rockin' Maci's pink float

playin' at the water table at Aunt Danielle and Uncle Matt's

with Grammy and Maci at the Tulsa Zoo

with Maci on the swingset

trying to find Aubrey (who is inside the box)
We also spend about 2-3 hours at the neighborhood pool with Oma and sometimes Kaila every Saturday and Sunday.  Cash is a little fishy.  He LOVES to swim and is even jumping off the side of the pool (from his knees at this point).  

jumping to Daddy

swimming to Daddy

always after my sunglasses...
Little Gym is another activity of the summer.  Every Saturday morning.  And he LOVES it.  It's an interactive class where the little ones get to explore gym equipment and also learn a "skill of the day".  Parents are fully engaged, so it's also a bonding experience for mommy/daddy and child.  I hope to continue it throughout the school year - hopefully the schedule will continue to go along with ours.  He will move up classes, so that will play a factor as the class times will definitely change.  

For the weekend following 4th of July, Dad, Cash and I went to Fairfield to be with Danielle, Matt and his family for a big family BBQ.  That was a lot of fun and Cash really enjoyed the outdoors/ranch life. He played with the badminton raquets, enjoyed a couple ranger rides and I don't think he played inside at all.  My child would live outside if I would allow him to.  

having a blast with the badminton raquet

enjoying the sunrise over the lake with PaPaw

loving the Ranger ride with PaPaw

Later in the afternoon, once we got home, we went out to dinner to celebrate Oma's birthday - where Cash got to feed the ducks for the first time.  The meal for the ducks was popcorn, where we were advised that the popcorn should not be consumed by humans as it was not fresh.  Of course Cash had to make sure that was true and ate more than the ducks did.  :)



Currently, Danielle and the girls are in Houston for a long visit.  I took the day off work so that we could all go to the Children's Museum.  We had a good time there and actually, Trey and I got a membership, so I'm sure we'll be going back soon -  we couldn't keep Cash out of all the cars.  

the red was a fit getting him out
a fit getting out??  I think so.  

in the tot spot - this car was also a fit getting him out

I think I have sufficiently updated for the past 3 months.  Hopefully I don't let it go that long again.