Thursday, September 29, 2011

14 weeks

I'm already sucking at updating.

Last week we went in for a check up. Baby had a heart rate of 148. All was great. My doctor said I'm an A student and my weight is perfect and that he has nothing to complain about. {Let's just hope my weight stays perfect.}

I'm still not having any sickness or nausea, which is great, but I'm still exhausted. Just when I think my energy might be coming back, I feel tired again. I guess that's just baby trying to grow. I don't try to fight it. :)

We go back for our next checkup on 10/20 (Dad's birthday) and then {hopefully} very soon after that we find out gender!

As you can see, a slight bump is beginning to show:

**If only I could fire Trey from taking the photos. He never gives me a heads up. No 1-2-3, no "say cheese"; nothing. Boo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family of Three!

Well, we just announced to the family that we're becoming a family of three! Baby Crawford is due 3/23.

We had a BBQ on Saturday, 9/12 to let everyone know. Trey and I were counting on the disguise of a post-Labor day celebration. The family came over expecting an anniversary celebration. We didn't even THINK to use that excuse! HA. Either way, Everyone was clueless. I had our ultrasound photos "scrapped" into picture frames and set up with the food, so that as the family arrived, they could see them. The reactions were great! Dad just couldn't comprehend that that baby was in my tummy. He was convinced it was ME as a baby. Mom was in shock. Mimi and PawPaw couldn't make it as PawPaw wasn't feeling well, so I had to make a phone call to them. Mimi screamed into the receiver. They both just asked a million questions. And Leslie made the comment that she was ready to be an "Oma" again. All in all, it was a success!!

scrapped, framed ultrasound photos used at the BBQ:

7 weeks; for comparison to the below 12 weeks...(I really am excited, but Trey doesn't tell me when he's taking the picture, so I just have no warning :/ )

12 weeks:

and more will come as we grow!