Monday, November 26, 2012


Sunday was the last day of RenFest.  While we have a family tradition to go to the festival every year, we have never gone on the LAST day of the festival...until this year.  It was neat, because we got to see Father Christmas, aka Santa!

Cash got to experience a lot of fair food, and just like his daddy, he LOVES meat on a stick.  Also, just like his mommy, he loves pretzels.

The first thing that happened as we walked in, he was "kidnapped" by some peasants:

Then we stood in line to meet Santa.  He did okay for a while, then he started looking at him longer and longer.  The longer he looked at him, the more disturbed he got.  Eventually, the bottom lip came out and then he started crying.  

Cash rode on an elephant...  

...Went duck plucking (& won!!)

and of course I had to get him a little fox tail :)

& I went "bungee jumping!"  THIS, is not NEARLY as easy as it looks.  I was able to get 2 flips done.  barely.  And upon accomplishing them, I felt like a baby who'd just rolled over for the first time.  My body aches today.  I can't say that I will ever do this again.  
Cash loves being outside, so he had a blast.  And he loved eating all the foods that we were eating.  He's still eating baby foods for the most part, but we experiment with giving him tables foods occasionally.  For example, Thanksgiving - he ate the crap outta some turkey, sweet potatoes, croissants, and cranberry salsa!