Saturday, January 23, 2010

The finished product...

A couple of posts back I mentioned (& showed) that Trey has diligently been working on some welding projects. He has since painted them and we are VERY proud of the outcome!

The DP can on top is to give a reference as to the size, again. :)

Mom & Dad's New Baby...

A girl I used to work (Erin) with had a distant family member who had 2 pugs. Chip and Marla. They just decided they didn't want them anymore and started neglecting them. So she and her sister took it into their hands to adopt them out to loving homes. One family took Chip right away. So poor Marla needed a home. I asked mom & dad and got an instant "YES!", only to find out that another family reluctantly agreed to take her before I could tell Erin we wanted her. :( She said to keep in touch about it because she just didn't have a good feeling that it would work out.

About a week later I got a call from Erin, "do you still want Marla?", she said. Of course we know how I responded. I had Dad go with me to pick her up and we surprised Mom with her. She couldn't have been happier.

Marla needed to be spayed and in the process of getting her looked at, we discovered she was about 5-6 years old and was missing (or needed to be missing) nearly half of her teeth :( (poor thing) So Dad had her spayed and her teeth cleaned (& pulled) on Thursday. Here are some pictures of woozy Marla. She's so tiny compared to Fonna (26ish lbs) while Marla is 14.2 lbs!

And of course we cannot forget about Fonna :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My husband the genius...

Trey has been welding. And welding. And welding. Anything that can be welded, is welded. It's his crack. He can't stop! He went this past weekend up to Palestine where his friend's company builds 18 wheeler trailers. They had a lot of scrap steel they said he could have. Anything he wanted. No strings attached. TREY WAS IN HEAVEN! He came home with $2k in steel and they still had a TON left. He didn't want to "wear out his welcome" per say, so he just took "a little" *rolls eyes*. Additionally, he's had these 2 small air compressor tanks that he said "eh, I'll make a couple small little smokers out of those for when it's just us rather than fire up the big pit". OMG, it's adorable! The first pic is of his first piece of work. Just a big pit. Still not what he wants though, so he's selling it. He's going to make and sell make and sell until he gets exactly the one that's perfect for him. He will probably sell this little one and make us one as well. He's so stinkin' talented I can't believe it. You put something in his hands and he will figure out what to do with it (and for you preverts out there, cut it out!).

My New Baby!

Since my having been laid off, we decided that I need a vehicle with a much lower car payment as well as much better gas mileage. So yesterday we went on an adventure to do just that. We went to CarMax to see how much we could get for the Tahoe. We got about what we were looking for so we starting shopping. We initially wanted something in the 10K range. But in looking at cars in that range, decided that we'd rather go an extra 5k and get something we wouldn't be embarassed to have sitting in our driveway. We looked at Nissan Altima's and the SAAB. I NEVER in a million years would have said "oh, lets go to a SAAB dealer and check out what they have". BUT, after comparing the options, mileage and price between the 2, we decided to test drive the SAAB first. Same options (fully loaded), same price, more miles on the Nissan's. Plus the SAAB is a foreign car, therefore it will last longer and have better trade-in value. And the SAAB is quite a bit classier. So after test driving it (they let us drive it back to our house to get the back seats that we'd forgotten, so we could complete our sale with no glitches) lol. It rode sooooo smooth, and had a good amount of get up and go (it's a turbo) and it was just perfect. Didn't test drive anything else, so here's my baby!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


On Friday I received the news that I was one of 10 layoffs my company was doing. I never in a million years thought that it would happen to me. I really thought my job was important enough to be safe. Well, Courtney, think again. So I am actively on a job hunt...applying to multiple jobs a day. If you hear or know of anything, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it.

First Fire

I guess it was last weekend that decided to have our first fire ever in our fireplace since moving into our home. The house still kind of has the "fire" smell in it but I kinda like it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, I don't really have anything to post about, but I feel obligated to say SOMETHING since it's been a couple weeks.

I am attempting this new diet/exercise routine by trainer Leandro Carvalho which is called the "Brazil Butt Lift". Let me tell you....THIS IS INTENSE! I cannot yet keep up with the workouts and the diet is killer. The first week is 1,000 calorie limit. DO I NEED TO TELL YOU HOW STARVING I AM?! I'm gonna try and stay pretty close to that for the first 2 weeks, then after that just portion control. The program is 4 weeks, with an additional 4 week workout of a different type, then they just encourage you to mix 'em up. It's a 5 day per week work out. So by golly, I better have a butt lift like the Brazilians!!!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last Day with Narnie...

I realized I had no pictures of me with Aubrey. So we had to get a few in on their last night here. Aubrey was not a happy baby that night, so we had to squeeze 'em in here and there. I'm VERY disappointed that I have no pictures of me & Narnie from this trip :(

She seems to be quite happy after her bath. She loves bath time. However, what SEEMS is no longer applicable once her jammies are on. :/

Aubrey is happy with mommy...and Mimi and PawPaw.

FINALLY got a good one!