Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My husband the genius...

Trey has been welding. And welding. And welding. Anything that can be welded, is welded. It's his crack. He can't stop! He went this past weekend up to Palestine where his friend's company builds 18 wheeler trailers. They had a lot of scrap steel they said he could have. Anything he wanted. No strings attached. TREY WAS IN HEAVEN! He came home with $2k in steel and they still had a TON left. He didn't want to "wear out his welcome" per say, so he just took "a little" *rolls eyes*. Additionally, he's had these 2 small air compressor tanks that he said "eh, I'll make a couple small little smokers out of those for when it's just us rather than fire up the big pit". OMG, it's adorable! The first pic is of his first piece of work. Just a big pit. Still not what he wants though, so he's selling it. He's going to make and sell make and sell until he gets exactly the one that's perfect for him. He will probably sell this little one and make us one as well. He's so stinkin' talented I can't believe it. You put something in his hands and he will figure out what to do with it (and for you preverts out there, cut it out!).

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