Monday, May 3, 2010


I must vent out my hatred of landscaping.


This project has taken well over 3 weekends to complete. Looking at it, sure, looks easy enough. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. >:-I Oh no, the area is bigger than it looks. I had to GO BACK and get MORE rocks 2 times! Then, breaking them up to make them "fit" was LOADS of fun. On top of alllllll that, I SWEAR a snake (or a lizard-only saw the tail) was crawling back under the deck as I was sittin' on my happy butt shoveling (with a fuddy) crushed granite into the TEENY TINY cracks. Yes, most are teeny tiny, even though there is a mess of dirt around all of them. You ask how I KNOW this was a snake? Well, when we first moved in, Trey called me screaming that there was a HUGE snake going in and out from under the deck and he insisted that if I didn't come home and kill it (as he is petrified of snakes), then it would get under and into the house. BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. He eventually caught it out from under the deck long enough to get boots on and a kayak paddle to beat the life out of it. (Imagine, boy in boxers and cowboy boots with a kayak paddle beatin at a snake..)

So, my rock project.

Derricks and Diamonds

Schlumberger is one of the major sponsors of an annual softball benefit tournament for Texas Children's Hospital and the Snowdrop Foundation. This raises funds and donations for the cancer unit of the hospital. They ask that you bring hats (since the children lose their hair and are very self-concious of themselves) and other things such as games and magazines/books to keep in the play area.

Trey and I cleaned out all of our hats that we didn't want anymore, but decided that it would be special if some kiddos were able to get brand new hats that they would want. Not just hand-me-downs. So we went to Academy and asked a couple kids to pick out a hat that they would want to wear so that we could buy it and donate it. We ended up getting 2 hats for a little girl and 2 for a little boy.

This tournament takes place in League City at "big league field of dreams". This field is incredible. There are 10 fields, all named after major baseball stadiums and built to look like the one it's named after. They are technically baseball fields, but it's all turf, so it wasn't much different than playing on dirt, other than the rug burn vs. just a regular, good ol' strawberry.

Here are some photos of the fun times:
This field had everything. Batting cages (Mountasia style), 2 restaurants, playgrounds, an indoor soccer field, beach volleyball courts..."if you build it they will come", right?

Trey was our pitcher all weekend. He did a great job!

Me, Heather and Lee

Trey and JD

Sam's warmin' up for his big hit...

Hostess with the mostess

On Sunday, April 25th I threw a baby shower for my friend Lindsey. She is due to have a little girl, Rylie Marie, towards the end of May. I definitely think the shower was a success. :)
Lisndsey and all of her booty.


My first (and hopefully last) diaper cake!

The cake. I had to make it myself (sorry Taryn, ran outta budget)...but I can't take credit for the blocks. You see, when I discovered I had to make it myself, I thought I'd get some blocks to put on top. Pastel blocks. That way they matched the cake and she'd have some blocks for Rylie in the future. COULD NOT find any in pastels. So Narnie says "make some!" OK! She's the creative one of the bunch, so I told her "YOU make them!".....she did. And they are beautiful!