Monday, May 3, 2010

Hostess with the mostess

On Sunday, April 25th I threw a baby shower for my friend Lindsey. She is due to have a little girl, Rylie Marie, towards the end of May. I definitely think the shower was a success. :)
Lisndsey and all of her booty.


My first (and hopefully last) diaper cake!

The cake. I had to make it myself (sorry Taryn, ran outta budget)...but I can't take credit for the blocks. You see, when I discovered I had to make it myself, I thought I'd get some blocks to put on top. Pastel blocks. That way they matched the cake and she'd have some blocks for Rylie in the future. COULD NOT find any in pastels. So Narnie says "make some!" OK! She's the creative one of the bunch, so I told her "YOU make them!".....she did. And they are beautiful!

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  1. Is that a tiered cake?! The diaper cake turned out really good! And she looks amazing for being due in one month. I was that big when I was 6 months pregnant! And you bought the Ann Taylor loft shirt that I was drooling over! Bad girl!