Monday, May 3, 2010


I must vent out my hatred of landscaping.


This project has taken well over 3 weekends to complete. Looking at it, sure, looks easy enough. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. >:-I Oh no, the area is bigger than it looks. I had to GO BACK and get MORE rocks 2 times! Then, breaking them up to make them "fit" was LOADS of fun. On top of alllllll that, I SWEAR a snake (or a lizard-only saw the tail) was crawling back under the deck as I was sittin' on my happy butt shoveling (with a fuddy) crushed granite into the TEENY TINY cracks. Yes, most are teeny tiny, even though there is a mess of dirt around all of them. You ask how I KNOW this was a snake? Well, when we first moved in, Trey called me screaming that there was a HUGE snake going in and out from under the deck and he insisted that if I didn't come home and kill it (as he is petrified of snakes), then it would get under and into the house. BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. He eventually caught it out from under the deck long enough to get boots on and a kayak paddle to beat the life out of it. (Imagine, boy in boxers and cowboy boots with a kayak paddle beatin at a snake..)

So, my rock project.

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  1. It looks nice, but what was the point in rocking that little area? And how do you think Matt and I felt doing our whole flippin front and back yards?! haha. I swear...that's harder on a marriage than kids!