Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Fun with Family & Friends

Saturday we went to Fairfield with my parents and Danielle's in-laws. They have a family ranch with a cookhouse where they made dinner for everyone and popped firecracky over the lake for our own little family fourth of July celebration. It was a nice get-together and it was a priveledge to be a part of.

Thanks Phillips' for inviting us!

Narnie and I were SO over smiling for pictures. Especially when dad is the photographer. :D

Fun with family & friends..

Friday night we went to a Quincinera.

Our friend Leticia, who was 4cm dilated in her pregnancy *yipes*, invited us to her little sister, Daniela's Quincinera on Friday night. Trey and his mom have taught Dani and her brother swim lessons (& have worked with Letty at the swim school in the past) for years. It was a beautiful party and it was nice to see everyone again. Kaila enjoyed seeing and taking pictures with "the princess".
Oma & Kaila

Trey, Kaila, Leticia, & me

Kaila took this picture of Oscar & Amy. I did no cropping!

Coco & Kaila

Houston Zoo

Tuesday was zoo-day. It was hot. It was muggy. I was exhausted. It was the zoo. Not really much to say. It was the day after 2 giraffes died (momma died after giving birth to baby, who died shortly after birth), yet there was no sort of drama going on, so you'd never have known it.
Aubrey liked it, she just pointed and babbled. If only we knew what she was really thinking. :/
These monkeys cracked me up because the 2 on the ground dug up a little worm and the one on the left started to play with it before eating it. The other 2 then started to pick a fight with him over it. It turned into a big hoopla over this little worm.

This bird was SOOOO weird! It was called a "shoe billed stork" and Matt said he would buy me one of my own!! :D

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey's Circus

Sunday we went to the circus. I haven't been to the circus since I was a little girl. I remember it being a show of animals. And clowns. Which is why I haven't been since. I HATE clowns. Since it was in town while Danielle and family was here, we all went. It was NOTHING as I remember it. Mostly, it was an overpriced, BAD Cirque du Soleil with a few zoo animals thrown in. The elephants and tigers (which we waited the ENTIRE show for were good, but they were the only part worth seeing).

The concept of cotton candy was confusing to Aubrey, so Danielle did get her finger bitten. HARD. Aubrey wanted something to eat. Not something that melted in her mouth! :)

Phillips' visit!!

Danielle, Matt & Aubrey's visit consisted of so many fun events I'm going to have to make multiple posts or there will just be way too many pictures at once. The first day was just spent relaxing at Mom & Dad's (Grammy & PaPaw's) for the evening. We didn't do much other than let Aubrey play and go eat dinner.
Just some random cuteness:

Are you Courtney Mack?

When I was in high school, and AIM was all the rage, because of my screenname, I got a random one. It said "are you Courtney Mack?" Of course I'm not, but a conversation developed from it. From that conversation, a friendship developed. Her name is Janet. We have talked via phone, email and special occasion cards for the past 10 years. Janet is my long lost "twin" in life. Everything about us is "no way?! me too!!" While she lives in Blue Springs, MO with her boyfriend and 8 year old son, her family lives in Dallas/McKinney, TX, so she was visiting them for the 4th of July week when her sister was having a baby. She decided to take a slight detour and come down to Houston to see me. :) It was wayyyy too short, but it was so nice to actually see her and meet her in person.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Background..

So it's not my favorite...but it'll do for now. I worked too long on the header to not use it. :/ ah well. Maybe in another 6 months I'll feel the desire to play with it again. BAHAhahahahahaha.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Though we spent the entire day with both of our families...lunch with Trey's mom (Leslie), grandparents (Addie & Kep), sister, brother-in-law, and neice (Amy, Oscar & Kaila) at his grandparents house swimming and BBQ-ing and then dinner with mom and dad at their house and then the church for a nifty firecracky display, it was more relaxing than I expected it would be. My camera was dead as a doornail, so I didn't get any pictures :( So, I robbed this one off the net of a nice little firecracky. :)

Hope you all had a great 4th!