Sunday, July 18, 2010

Houston Zoo

Tuesday was zoo-day. It was hot. It was muggy. I was exhausted. It was the zoo. Not really much to say. It was the day after 2 giraffes died (momma died after giving birth to baby, who died shortly after birth), yet there was no sort of drama going on, so you'd never have known it.
Aubrey liked it, she just pointed and babbled. If only we knew what she was really thinking. :/
These monkeys cracked me up because the 2 on the ground dug up a little worm and the one on the left started to play with it before eating it. The other 2 then started to pick a fight with him over it. It turned into a big hoopla over this little worm.

This bird was SOOOO weird! It was called a "shoe billed stork" and Matt said he would buy me one of my own!! :D

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