Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Wanna Be...

...a Guest Designer for Cocoa Daisy.

So I'm going to upload a gazillion projects I've created lately.  I haven't updated in forever, but this one will be strictly for submitting my work for review.  I have ALWAYS dreamt of doing something like this!  So this opportunity would be amazing.

I started by making cards.  Then I decided, well, maybe I can do some scrapbooking to document Cash's funny stuff.  And as I was doing that, I decided that I had too many photos that I wanted to include, so I thought "maybe I can do something LIKE project life, without actually doing Project Life, that way I can include a lot of photos without cluttering up the page."  I love how those have turned out.  I just incorporate them into my scrap albums the same as a scrap page and it gives me the ability to use lots of photos without having to weed out just one or 2.  Or make a double layout, since I'm not any good at those.  :)



Scrapbook Layouts:

Project Life-style Layouts:

I'm absolutely happy to discuss anything I've used and done as far as techniques!  & thank you.