Sunday, January 22, 2012

31 weeks

Well, we are at 31 weeks now! And we had a busy weekend. Saturday anyway. We had our 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday! It was an exciting experience because I took Mom, Dad and Nanny along with me, but a little sad because Trey didn't get to go as he had to work. Nanny has never gotten to experience an ultrasound at all (and this is her 8th great-grandbaby!), so this was especially exciting for her! Cash didn't want to cooperate much as he just wanted to stay curled up in a little ball and sleep. At once point I poked at my belly and asked him to play with us and he gave us a little smile! Another time, he scowled at us. The snapshot we got during the scowl makes Leslie (MIL) and I think he could have Trey's nose/forehead/cheeks. We think he also could have Trey's fuller lips, but my mouth shape and chin. We shall see though. For being as inanimate as he was, we were able to tell that he IS still a boy :) He also opened his eyes for us. And he yawned a couple of times. He's just so precious and I think we'll keep him ;)

Cash Benjamin:

This one is my favorite; look at his precious little smile!!!

We also went by Bill's (FIL) and picked up the beautiful crib he handcrafted for Cash. It's amazing. Now my dad has quite the task in getting everything finished. It's slowly but surely coming along. Now to just get him going on the more "surely" part and less on the "slowly" ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the best doctor's appointment ever

This morning Trey and I had a doctor's appointment. And of course I dreaded getting on the scale. And then we got to hear our little guy's heartbeat, which always makes me smile! It was a healthy, strong 146 BPM. Then I got to look forward to more dread as the nurse lady left and we awaited Dr. Gullett coming in to scold me on my weight.


Only this time, when he walked in the door and opened my chart, he said - "you're weight is much better this time!!" WHAT?! My weight is GOOD?! WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT! He said I've only gained 2 pounds since my last appointment (which was 3 weeks ago) so I'm an "A student". He still anticipates that I'll be delivering at a little higher weight than he would like, because currently I weigh almost what he likes his patients to weigh at full term (weight gain throughout the entire pregnancy-wise). He says "perfect" full term pregnancy weight gain is 24 pounds - if you dissect what everything weighs (placenta, milk production, baby, etc.) and I've gained 22 and still have approximately 11 more weeks to go. But, I say I'm doing good. So phhlltt :P My BP was great (110/80) and always has been. My measurements are great. So if weight is all there is to be concerned with, and it's a measly amount, then I'm not worried.

Now, I want a milkshake. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

29 weeks

Ok, let the discomfort begin. But, I'm still not complaining because it could be oh-so-much worse. Baby has started to take up residence in my ribcage. This is extremely uncomfortable and makes it very hard to breathe. I pretty much expected this to happen since I'm so short waist-ed, but I also expected my belly to be protruding out to so-far-my-hands-couldn't-touch because baby would have no where else to go but out. So far, that has not happened. My belly seems to hardly be expanding at all (which, I guess, is why he is in my ribs), yet I don't see how it can expand any farther (if that makes any sense?).

Additionally, I've decided that I can no longer try to stuff myself into pre-preggo pants along with a Bella band. I tried to expand my wardrobe as long as possible, but with not being able to breathe, along with zippers digging into my lower abdomen, I just can't handle it anymore. Straight up maternity pants is all I shall wear anymore. Don't get me wrong, I've been wearing maternity pants since about 12 weeks, BUT, I've been throwing some pre-preggo pants/Bella band days in there as well. Just so that I'm not rotating the same 2 pairs of maternity dress pants and/or 2 pairs of leggings every day. I need some color to my wardrobe! I guess these last 11 weeks or so, (~GASP!!~ 11 weeks?! WHAT?! wow.) will be rather bland in color. Blah.

Now, seriously? 11 weeks? I'm going to be holding my own baby in roughly 11 weeks? No way. I need more time to prepare for this. I'm so ready but at the same time, I am not. The nursery is painted and THAT'S IT!!! PaPaw is still finishing the furniture. PopBill has built it all, thank goodness, but it's not complete yet!!! In fact, Dad (PaPaw) and I did A LOT of work on it this past weekend. Lots of sanding. I was coughing up sawdust all weekend. I'm so excited to see what it will look like once it's all fully complete and in the nursery! :))

We have our 3D/4D ultrasound on 1/21.
My baby shower is on 1/28! :)
We tour the hospital on 2/4.
Our maternity photo session is on 2/5! :)

All of the above are indications of being soooo close to meeting our little man!

and notice, I can't wear my regular t-shirts much longer either! It's practically busting at the seams. HA

30th birthday

I turned 30 this year on my birthday. I don't feel any different really. But I got as close as I'm going to get to a maid, I think. My parents got me a Roomba. A Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner. And let me just tell you, it's suhhhh-weeeeeeet!! You can set up virtual walls to keep it out of rooms that don't have doors. It goes under furniture, without having to move/shift stuff around. You can program it to clean on certain days at certain times. It vacuums as long as it has battery, but once it senses that the battery is dying, it runs itself back to the charger, docks itself and begins a charging cycle. It stays there until it's next scheduled cleaning. I have the model for pet hair, so it's pretty heavy duty, I think - and necessary. I couldn't be more excited about this new toy!! Especially since I despise vacuuming and I'm so OCD.

Zoe doesn't know quite how to react to it, but she's not as freaked out by it as I expected.

stocking hangers

Before Christmas I started making these stocking holders...I finally finished them a couple of weeks ago, but was waiting on Trey to drill holes in them to screw the knobs in to hang the actual stockings on. He also had to make the tabs for the picture window on baby's. The "C" is obviously for me and the "T" is obviously for Trey. The one with the hole in the middle is for baby. The window covers that up because a picture will go in that and cover it up :) We will replace the picture from year to year.