Sunday, January 22, 2012

31 weeks

Well, we are at 31 weeks now! And we had a busy weekend. Saturday anyway. We had our 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday! It was an exciting experience because I took Mom, Dad and Nanny along with me, but a little sad because Trey didn't get to go as he had to work. Nanny has never gotten to experience an ultrasound at all (and this is her 8th great-grandbaby!), so this was especially exciting for her! Cash didn't want to cooperate much as he just wanted to stay curled up in a little ball and sleep. At once point I poked at my belly and asked him to play with us and he gave us a little smile! Another time, he scowled at us. The snapshot we got during the scowl makes Leslie (MIL) and I think he could have Trey's nose/forehead/cheeks. We think he also could have Trey's fuller lips, but my mouth shape and chin. We shall see though. For being as inanimate as he was, we were able to tell that he IS still a boy :) He also opened his eyes for us. And he yawned a couple of times. He's just so precious and I think we'll keep him ;)

Cash Benjamin:

This one is my favorite; look at his precious little smile!!!

We also went by Bill's (FIL) and picked up the beautiful crib he handcrafted for Cash. It's amazing. Now my dad has quite the task in getting everything finished. It's slowly but surely coming along. Now to just get him going on the more "surely" part and less on the "slowly" ;)

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  1. Your belly better start growin, or I'm gonna pass you up!! :D

    Love the ultrasound pictures!