Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Shower

Saturday was my baby shower that was hosted by my sister and my friend Bobbie. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!! The decor was adorable; crafted mostly from ideas from Pinterest - what did we ever do without this site??, the cake was delicious!, and Cash got TONS of swag! I'll have to update the swag pics later, after I get the disc in the mail from my sister of the rest of the shower pictures :)

There are totally a LOT of pictures as I couldn't choose just a couple. Everything was just so dadgum cute!!

Here, Danielle made this ADORABLE little diaper bundle, creating the stork with her Silhouette machine she got for Christmas. She also made a diaper cake, which I didn't include a picture of.

Bobbie made all these pompoms above the table. I LOVE the flair they gave the room! And the cat was super intrigued by them.

Bobbie also painted mustache's on ALL the cups. How cute were those!?

Here's Danielle, me and Bobbie - such GREAT hostesses.

Danielle made 2 of these amazing ribbon wreaths. One with a C and one with "CASH" on it. The C is now in my half bath as decoration on my shutter and the one with "CASH" on it will be hospital door decoration and then go in his nursery after we bring him home.

BEST. COOKIES. EVER. It took Danielle and I both to make them and we had to watch them like a hawk. But, boy was it worth it. :)

This cake was incredible. Bobbie makes amazing cakes. She won't let on that she does, but wow.

Bobbie also made this super cute table cloth, by painting it with chalkboard paint!

These stars were all Bobbie! Again, cute! And the pennant was Danielle. She made Cash's quilt out of this fabric and had some scraps left so she made this banner with them. The banner will hang above his closet.

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  1. Congrats on having such a successful shower!!! The decor was all precious; I know how much you must have loved it! Hope you are feeling well!