Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nursery Update

The furniture is ALMOST complete! I should say, everything is complete except for the crib! It's built, but it's not finished with the sanding/staining/varnishing. Dad wanted to get all of the other completed pieces out of the garage before he started the finishing work on the crib so as not to get sawdust on the other finished pieces.

Since the carpet in my house was FINALLY cleaned last weekend, we were finally able to move those pieces into the nursery last weekend. So now Dad has finished the home stretch.

Everything at our house is ready for a baby should he decide to make his debut early {which I don't expect, as there have been NO signs}, as we have the pack n play that he can sleep in should he arrive before the crib is complete. Otherwise, the nursery is completely set up!

I start going to see my doctor every week on the 1st. I'm at 36 weeks now. Everything was perfect at the last appointment, at 34 weeks. :) Over this past week (35 weeks, which I didn't get any pictures of), my feet started to do a little bit of swelling, but only my feet, and that's about it. Still no heartburn or any mood swings/hormone changes. Cash did have the hiccups 2 times over the past couple weeks, which was adorable to feel.

When you walk in the room, you see this; the changing table/dresser with shelving on the wall to hold all the diapering, with airplanes flying above. Above the changing table is a mirror and picture frame:

On the same wall as the changing table is the closet; I have been stock-piling lots of diapers {all different sizes} and wipes :)

The shelves look kinda busy, but I don't think they will be in the end. The things on the floor in front of them are the mobile and monitor which will go in the crib once we move that in. Also 2 wall hangings will be hung above the rocking chair {one on each wall} once it is confirmed whether or not the shelves have to be moved for the crib to fit. Then on top of the short shelf are 4 paintings that will be hung once the crib is moved in as well upon the same confirmation. I just don't want to have to re-hang. So I think once those things are up, the shelves will look less busy. Additionally, I will be getting an area rug to go in the middle of the floor in there. And getting rid of that yellow coke crate leaning against the short shelf :)

crib mattress/bumper in the location where the crib will be:

taken from Taryn's shower, which I think I was 34/35 weeks at:

beginning of 36 weeks:

**Will be sure to post updates once the crib is finished and moved in!**


  1. the nursery looks great and you do too! is the nursery the room where i slept or the room where matt slept last summer?

  2. Thanks Christin! The nursery is the room that Matt slept in. :) The room you slept in is now a combo guest room/office. We moved one desk into it and left the bed in the same place; just put the desk in place of the dresser.