Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Friends....

Dad and Trey have become quite the best of friends. They've gone hunting countless times this year. Here is a picture from one of their dove hunting trips. Notice the gun. He's lucky he still has a foot! :D

some of Trey's work...

So, Trey's ALWAYS out of town working...and you never get to see any of the work. I BEGGED him to send me some pictures that I could post for y'all to see. Just for proof that he actually does work on occassion, if nothing else. :)

This is a playground:

they are becoming quite popular this year...

Cassi's Hitched...Mr. & Mrs. James Holmon!

YAY! Cassi and James got hitched! It was beautiful..even though we were late. Because Cassi gives crappy directions. :D
first dance as hubby and wife:

me & Trey:

me, Cassi & Laura:

me & Laura:

Lisa's baby shower

Here are a couple pictures from Lisa's baby shower from a while back. I forgot to post the pictures.
Baby Gavin is due in November :)
The cake is beautiful and was made by our friend Christy and her mom. Turns out Christy had a major allergic reaction to the fondant :(

a night out with the girls....

So I haven't updated in a LONG time. And last weekend I had a fun night out with the girl's for my friend Cassi's last hoo-rah before gettin' hitched yesterday, Saturday, October 16th - her batcherlorette party at Howl at the Moon. It was a blast!

Some proof:
I didn't realize I was tugging on her veil....HAHHAHA...she looks so distraught. :) I love it.

Me and Cassi:

The whole group:

"playing" with our drink...

This is after deciding to "crash" the batchelor party. James was passed out, so Cassi decided to violate him. It appears as if she has just discovered something.