Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slithery un-friends

When we got home yesterday (Saturday), we were lounging on the couch and catching up on DVR'ed shows. The cat (Boy) was outside and I'd just let little Zoe outside. Both were hanging around in the same place near the deck and the back of the house. This is rather unusual. I thought I'd better go check out what they could be looking at/messing with. When I went out there, something smelled a little off, but little Zoe had rolled in something over at Grammy's while there during our fishing trip this weekend, (I call that "putting on perfume") so I didn't REALLY think much of it, other than "gosh, that's REALLY pungent if I can STILL smell it and I'm not even that close to you - you MAY need a bath." Then I see Boy kinda lunge forward again, ears perked, so I looked up and sure enough, BIG snake. Copperhead. I ran in the house and told Trey so he could get his pistol (.22 with ratshot). He came back out and I grabbed the animals. He shot it. He said it definitely smelled like snake around there. I guess I didn't realize that snakes had a smell. But now I know to "sniff" for that as well.

I'm normally intrigued by snakes, but I hafta admit, this time when I saw that one, my heart skipped a beat. I guess the fact that my babies were so close by, staring it in the eyes and within striking distance, kinda had me on edge.

Fishin' in Looooosiana!

My father in law, Bill, took us fishin' this past weekend in Louisiana. It was a AND Saturday, but there was so much rain that it made the water cloudy so the fish couldn't see the bait. We just came home on Saturday morning and will end up going back sometime later this summer or early fall most likely. Nonetheless, we had a good time and caught a lot of fish.

Apparently I'm not a great fisher-woman, or don't have the patience or something (imagine that) because I just don't catch a whole lot of fish (all speckled trout), but I did catch the biggest fish!!

Here are some pictures.

We really ARE wading several miles out in the bay. There were porpoises everywhere!