Thursday, January 12, 2012

the best doctor's appointment ever

This morning Trey and I had a doctor's appointment. And of course I dreaded getting on the scale. And then we got to hear our little guy's heartbeat, which always makes me smile! It was a healthy, strong 146 BPM. Then I got to look forward to more dread as the nurse lady left and we awaited Dr. Gullett coming in to scold me on my weight.


Only this time, when he walked in the door and opened my chart, he said - "you're weight is much better this time!!" WHAT?! My weight is GOOD?! WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT! He said I've only gained 2 pounds since my last appointment (which was 3 weeks ago) so I'm an "A student". He still anticipates that I'll be delivering at a little higher weight than he would like, because currently I weigh almost what he likes his patients to weigh at full term (weight gain throughout the entire pregnancy-wise). He says "perfect" full term pregnancy weight gain is 24 pounds - if you dissect what everything weighs (placenta, milk production, baby, etc.) and I've gained 22 and still have approximately 11 more weeks to go. But, I say I'm doing good. So phhlltt :P My BP was great (110/80) and always has been. My measurements are great. So if weight is all there is to be concerned with, and it's a measly amount, then I'm not worried.

Now, I want a milkshake. :)

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  1. Yay for milkshakes!! Your doctor sounds like a crazy man. You look great and your weight sounds perfect. Don't stress! And enjoy it. :)