Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My New Baby!

Since my having been laid off, we decided that I need a vehicle with a much lower car payment as well as much better gas mileage. So yesterday we went on an adventure to do just that. We went to CarMax to see how much we could get for the Tahoe. We got about what we were looking for so we starting shopping. We initially wanted something in the 10K range. But in looking at cars in that range, decided that we'd rather go an extra 5k and get something we wouldn't be embarassed to have sitting in our driveway. We looked at Nissan Altima's and the SAAB. I NEVER in a million years would have said "oh, lets go to a SAAB dealer and check out what they have". BUT, after comparing the options, mileage and price between the 2, we decided to test drive the SAAB first. Same options (fully loaded), same price, more miles on the Nissan's. Plus the SAAB is a foreign car, therefore it will last longer and have better trade-in value. And the SAAB is quite a bit classier. So after test driving it (they let us drive it back to our house to get the back seats that we'd forgotten, so we could complete our sale with no glitches) lol. It rode sooooo smooth, and had a good amount of get up and go (it's a turbo) and it was just perfect. Didn't test drive anything else, so here's my baby!

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