Thursday, September 29, 2011

14 weeks

I'm already sucking at updating.

Last week we went in for a check up. Baby had a heart rate of 148. All was great. My doctor said I'm an A student and my weight is perfect and that he has nothing to complain about. {Let's just hope my weight stays perfect.}

I'm still not having any sickness or nausea, which is great, but I'm still exhausted. Just when I think my energy might be coming back, I feel tired again. I guess that's just baby trying to grow. I don't try to fight it. :)

We go back for our next checkup on 10/20 (Dad's birthday) and then {hopefully} very soon after that we find out gender!

As you can see, a slight bump is beginning to show:

**If only I could fire Trey from taking the photos. He never gives me a heads up. No 1-2-3, no "say cheese"; nothing. Boo.

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