Thursday, October 13, 2011

16 weeks

I'm at 16 weeks now. So far everything is still pretty uneventful. I've not had any nausea still. {still a good thing} I'm thinking I'm probably in the clear for this. My energy is starting to come back; however, I tend to use it up as soon as I get it, putting me right back to exhausted :/ I HAVE had a few bloody noses, which is apparently pretty common in pregnancy, especially early on.

My craving so far has been milk. I don't like white milk, so I don't drink it plain; but I'll have it with cereal, or lately...chocolate milk -- and lots of it. What? It's good for me and baby, you say? Well, yes it is. But, I'm a stone former. So, it's not THAT good for me. I have to be careful with this. It can be very bad in my case. I REALLY don't want kidney stones again. So, of course, this would be my craving. UGH. I guess it could be worse. I'm trying to also drink plenty of water. I just tend to get the desire to drink LOTS of water right before bed. Oh bother.

OH, I almost forgot!! -- I've been starting to feel movement this past week. Come to realize it's the same stuff I've been feeling since I was about 10 weeks along. It's just becoming a lot more frequent. I knew when I first starting to {very} randomly feel it that it was stuff I had never felt before, but I wasn't ready to say it was Baby. Now I know that's what it was (and is). I guess I knew my body better than I thought. But Tuesday night I was lying on the couch watching TV with my hand resting on my belly and I felt a movement that was so strong that I felt (and saw out of my peripheal vision) my hand move. It was just the one time, but it was incredible!

Here are some pictures of 16 weeks. I finally got some good ones!!
Trey took this one last night; I guess "the bump" actually looks smaller in it because of the angle?:

I took these earlier in the week:

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