Monday, October 31, 2011

Montana Hunt

On October 18th Trey left on a 26 hour car ride with his dad to head up to Billings, MT for a father/son hunt that they've had planned for a year and a half. They were set out on a quest to fill the elk and mule deer tags that they each had as well as the bear tag that Trey had. (Trey was under strict orders {from me} to return with a bear so that we could have newborn photos taken on a bear skin rug.)

*roadside Wyoming during the drive*

The first day they rode in (which was on horseback through the mountains, in 25* and snowing) they situated into camp. Next morning, they woke up to "teen temps" and Trey left out on foot while Bill left out on horseback. Bill shot a mule deer about an hour after first light. Success! Trey walked up the West Fork and over Dry Burris and shot an elk at 650 yards. Yes folks, that's 650!! Needless to say, the work started. It was a 12 mile hike round trip to and from camp to where it crashed. And it took 3 trips of 2 people carrying uhhh, "parts". This was about the equivalent of 2 days.
*base camp*

*West Fork*

*Dry Burris*

By day 3 (of the hunt), it HAD warmed up a bit, BUT it was raining now. So Trey decided he was going to camp out at the cook tent with rifle leaned up against the tree and binoculars in hand, "glassing" the area. If his mule deer or bear walked by, it was done for, but that was the extent of his hunting for the day.

Day 4 and 5 were cold, snowy and windy and were unsuccessful for all. Yeah, that's right. I didn't get my bearskin rug. Instead, I got a GIANT 6x6 elk. One that's classified by most standards a trophy for the mountain variety.

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