Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maci Blake Phillips

Maci was born on 5/23/12; Cash's 2 month-day. We all missed the birth! Mom, Dad and I were at Danielle and Matt's house with Matt's mom, Jane, and Aubrey since they had to be at the hospital so early for the induction. Matt was keeping us updated with her dilation and we had all agreed that we would head to the hospital when Danielle got to an 8. He told us she was at a 7, so we all started getting everything together and ready to go, waiting for the message saying she was an 8 and all of a sudden the next message was "SHE'S HERE!! - it all happened so fast!!" We were so bummed. It was taking soooo long to get to the 7, too. We just knew we'd have plenty of time. Looking back, it went pretty fast for the later stages with Aubrey also, but the final stages of this pregnancy were SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. than with Aubrey, we just had a hard time comparing the two. Ah well. We ended up with a beautiful baby and a healthy momma and baby! Lots of snuggle time!

 Maci was long and lean! 6 lbs, 8 oz. and 20 inches with a head full of dark brown, wavy-ish hair! She has long, skinny arms and legs and fingers and toes. She's just beautiful.

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