Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2 months

Well, we were in Tulsa for Maci's birth when Cash was 2 months. He traveled so well considering he was stuck in a carseat for 9 hours. His trip up there was much better than back, but he did fabulous both ways in my opinion. He only fussed the last hour on the way home. Turns out Maci was born on Cash's 2 month-day. I SHOULDN'T have a hard time remembering her birthday. However, I may end up having a harder time remembering this than I think.

 Cash was 10 lbs, 6 oz and 23 inches when we weighed and measured him at home this day. So he is growing good! He is such a good baby! He's sleeping pretty much through the night, most nights and only wakes up once on the nights that he doesn't sleep all the way through. He doesn't fuss much, considering he has some tummy troubles. We really have been blessed with him.

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  1. yay! so glad he is sleeping through the night!