Sunday, June 24, 2012

pickin' blueberries

I went blueberry pickin' with my friend Bobbie and 2 of her girls today.  (Cash stayed home with Daddy)  I'm not really into eating blueberry's.  I ate more blueberry's today than I have ever eaten in my entire life.  But I decided that it would be something different to do - AND I can make some blueberry muffins, smoothies, pancakes, etc. out of them.  I ended up picking just over 2 pounds and froze most of them so that I may bake with them later on.  I made a smoothie out of some this afternoon as well as snacked on the remaining.

I only picked from the bushes that had tasty berries, so I ended up with 2+ pounds of delicious, plump blueberries.  Now, I'm spoiled!!!

my bucket at probably 1.5 pounds full

this bush will be jackpot next week!

me and 2 of those sweet Byrd girls :)

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