Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sand & Surf of Galveston

This past weekend we all packed up and headed out to the sandy shores of Galveston.  Trey's grandparents have a timeshare with SilverLeaf Resorts and, for some reason, choose to use it in Galveston.  Every year.  Of all the lovely places and beaches across the country, we go there.  Oh well, it's convenient.  At any rate, we took Monday off work so that we could enjoy an extended weekend with family, and even though we got some rain, it still ended up being a beautiful weekend to be there.

The waves were rolling in kinda harsh so we had to be extremely careful with Cash by the water's edge.  And we couldn't really wade out with him, because 1) the waves were so rough, but also 2) the tide/undertoe was pretty bad.  We didn't want to take any chances.  Cash really enjoyed sitting on the edge of the water digging his hands into the wet sand...slipping handfuls of sand into his mouth when he could sneak it in.  It was always obvious when he got a splash of saltwater on his lips as he was licking them with a smile.
During Cash's first dip into the ocean.

Trey and Kaila built a lava castle.
whhhoooooooooaaaaa!!  (with Aunt Amy)

Saturday, Amy kept talking about "ghost crab hunting".  I thought it was something that she was just going to take Kaila and Alexia (K's friend) to do as a fun "kid thing".  When I asked what it was she explained that I was deprived as a child and that she would stay in with Cash so that I could go.  I said that I didn't want to lead this mission not knowing what it was.  Everyone laughed at me.  :(  They "duh-ed" me and said that EVERYONE was going.  That you take flashlights out on the beach after dark and "hunt" for crabs.  Once spotted, they freeze under the lights.  Then dart off really quick, hence "ghost" crabs.  It was like they were never there.  Well, Oscar (Amy's hubby) and I decided that we were going to try and catch them.  This made the girls FREAK out and shriek in excitement.  It was hilarious.  We caught at least 4, some more than once as they kept escaping.

our little crab family
Sunday, Alexia and Kaila had a blast building sand castles and playing with hermit crabs!

a very special picture of Cash's greats doing something they love the most.  

Monday, before leaving to head home, we did a little shopping on the strand and grabbed a bite to eat.  In all, we had a great and relaxing time.  :)


  1. That is soo cool! I'll also be down there this weekend! I'm currently working at the Wells Fargo tower downtown way up high and I swear I can see gtown!


    1. I worked in that building until my maternity leave in March. When I came back from leave, I was transferred to our other location. So, I know all about that view! It's spectacular!

  2. Oh how cool! We moved from galleria office to the downtown location! I'm part of the team working on the 1SAP implementation! I followed your blog because our baby girl is also 6 months old! Crazy that you also work there. I'll be back in December, you never know I might see you in the hallways and enjoy that 2 dollars lunch ;)


  3. oh congratulations! That's crazy. Small world! :)