Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4 month shots/stats

Cash went to the pediatrician today for his shots and well child checkup.  He's had better days.  Poor thing.  

We got his measurements:
height - 23 1/4" (less than 5th percentile)
weight - 14 lb., 5 oz. (between 20 & 25th percentile)
head circumference - 16 3/4"
in sum, he's tiny.  

He cried his head off during shots.  He only cried for about 3 minutes (if that) and I don't think I've ever heard him cry so much.  We are SO BLESSED to have such a wonderful baby.  He calmed down pretty quick with a little lovin' from mama and daddy and off we went.  I had given him a little Tylenol before we went to the doctor to ward off any fever.  Daycare said he slept a good portion of the day, but when he wasn't sleeping, he was fussy.  Which isn't typical of him.  So they definitely affected him today.  He didn't really want anything to do with dinner tonight.  So we just gave him a bottle, skipped bath and he went to bed.  A little early.  And he was totally content with that.  Those dang shots.  I'll have my sweet angel back tomorrow though.  

look at that face... :(((

gettin' a band-aid.

alllll better...

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  1. Next time I'm coming to save him. Don't make him cry like that again!