Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lots of "firsts" last weekend...

This past weekend we took Cash to the park.  Minus the visit we took the week he was born, this was his first trip.  He actually got to participate this time, and he loved it!
it was extremely hot, and we forgot sunscreen, so we had to put a blanket in the swing and he had to wear daddy's hat!

he totally loved seeing the "baby" in the mirror!
He also came home from daycare on Friday with his first bobo :(  Apparently he was sitting in his bumbo there and a little girl came over and scratched him.  Not sure if it was malicious or accidental.  If I had to guess, I'd say it was one of the little girls learning to walk and that it was accidental.  But Cash was definitely upset.  Poor guy cried about it and had a good little scratch on his cheek.
his bobo (&guard dog Zoe in the background)
He's FINALLY able to use his jumperoo and he LOVES it!  His toes BARELY touch the floor, but he still manages to have a blast.

We also went to Aunt Marie's 102nd birthday party on Sunday!  He got to meet his great, great (I think?) aunt!  She loved and kissed on him for a good 20 minutes.  

We have 4 month shots/check up tomorrow.  I'm so excited to see how he fits into the percentiles now that he's eating solids and has some chub to him.  :))
Speaking of solids, he is LOVING sweet potatoes and mango.  He tolerates pears and he HATED zucchini.  I'll have to slip that one in with something he loves once I have a good handle on likes/dislikes/allergies.  So far, no allergies.  We'll keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.  

I am just loving his sweet little personality more and more each day.  He's such a fun-loving, laid-back sweetheart and he makes my heart sing.  I don't know how I lived without him for so long.  


  1. put a folded up towel under his jumperoo so it'll give him a little help there!

  2. ah-ha! I don't know why I didn't think of this!?! Danielle mentioned it about the same time you did. Y'all must have been reading my blog "together". Today I folded up 2 blankets and put them under him and he had so much more fun standing up to reach out for ALL the toys! It was great. :))

  3. How adorable with his cute little toes stretching to touch the floor!! Glad you are enjoying mommyhood!