Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

We had some family and friends over today for the 4th of July and fried some fish.  Nothing big.  But it was pretty special just spending time with our loved ones for the holiday.  Cash was pretty wiped out after spending about an hour and a half at the pool with Oma.  She taught him some new "tricks".  :)

Check out that sunscreen hair!

Additionally, I should add that Cash had a great first week at daycare.  The teachers loved him and he never had any bad days.  He dropped off and picked up happy every day.  I cried a little when I dropped him off the first day.  :(  Yesterday when I dropped him off, I told him "Mommy loves you!" and he just smiled and laughed at me.  :)  He's recognized who I am over the last week.  He just lights up when he sees me.  He also has been sucking on his bottom lip. Other than that, nothing new really.  

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