Friday, July 20, 2012

Cash-man's Personality

Cash has been developing quite the little personality.  We are LOVING it!  He babbles non-stop.

eh-eheh-eh-eheheheh-eh-ehehehehehhhhhhhhhh-ehehhh-ehhhhh.  *deeeeep breath* Just to start all over again.  With a pause every so often just long enough to squeeze in a smile or a giggle when you ask him what on earth he is talking about?  His little voice is so sweet.  He just loves to hear himself talk and I just love to hear it go on and on.  Especially first thing in the morning when he doesn't think I can hear him.  He'll wake up and babble for a few minutes, just peaceful babbling, as if remembering he can do so and then fall right back asleep.

This afternoon after I got him home from daycare, I laid him out for some tummy time.  He immediately sat up on his elbows and looked in the mirror, then rolled over to his back.  He smiled up at me!  I gasped at him as this was the first time for him to roll over!!  He just smiled even bigger as if realizing his accomplishment and being proud of himself.  Of course I grabbed the camera so that I could take photos and video, turned him back over and what do you know?  He couldn't do it again.  He tried and tried and just couldn't.  He got so frustrated he started crying.  At first I thought maybe this had happened before in daycare (since it happened so quickly) and they just hadn't told me so that I'd think I'd be seeing it for the first time, but I'm thinking now that it was just an accident and I REALLY did see it for the first time (yay!) since he couldn't do it again??

He's trying soooo hard!  He ended up turned completely cock-eyed and almost off the blanket by the time he got frustrated enough to start crying.

his first nap on his tummy! - and I ended up falling asleep right next to him ;)

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