Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nine Months

Wow.  I can't belive my little man is already 9 months.  He's growing up so fast!!!

At nine months, Cash:

  • has his 2 bottom teeth only.  But eats everything under the sun - and lots of it.  We do a mix of baby food and table food.
  • will not feed himself - will only push puffs around on the tray of his high chair or bat them out of the container.  If you hand him one to feed himself, he just fingers it and looks at it like "what's that for?"  Same with table food.  
  • drinks from a sippy cup on his own.  
  • scoots, but doesn't crawl.  Will army crawl if he falls over on his belly.  Gets on all fours, and tries to crawl by doing the rocking thing, but one leg gets stuck behind the other and he gets confused on what to do with it.  If we try and show him, he gets more confused and sits back down.  
  • tries to pull up on the coffee table.  **Last night we found him screaming in his crib, standing up, and holding on to the corner pillar having knocked off the monitor.  Needless to say, we lowered it tonight before bed and will be wall-mounting the monitor this weekend.  
  • he LOVES his puppies and kitty and can't get enough of them licking him.
  • says "mama" sometimes, "dada" all the time, "hi" regularly, "i love you" back, "more" randomly, & "water" occasionally.
  • shakes his head "no", but I'm starting to think that has more to do with his ear infections than actually meaning "no"... (he does a lot of cute things that have to do with those - poor thing)
  • his sleep has gotten erratic since his ear infections.  He used to be a super good sleeper, but now we just never know what we're gonna get.  I'm hoping that it'll get back to what it used to be now that we have the tubes.
  • loves to have his teeth brushed, hair brushed and ears cleaned out with q-tips (pre-ear infection - now we have to clean them differently and he's not too fond of this method).
  • has quite the paci addiction/obsession and can maneuver that sucker quite well.  He only likes the Nuk ones with the little handle on it.  Always has.  
  • loves wheels.
  • daddy is definitely his favorite.
  • however, he LOVES to grab your (anyone he loves) face with both hands and give big, wet slobbery kisses.  These are so sweet and my heart melts every time I get them.  
  • he still weighs approximately 18 pounds and is about 26 inches, wears size 3 diapers, and 6-12 month clothes, depending on the brand.  He's my little runt.  
**This post includes updates as I think of them.  

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  1. Awwww how cool! Our little girl is nine month but s little behind since she was a preemie.