Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Roundup

Wow.  I'm so behind.  So this is probably going to a super long post - I apologize in advance.

For Thanksgiving we were blessed to be able to spend the day in Galveston with Trey's family as his grandparents have a timeshare there.  My family was in Fairfield at my sister's in-laws so there was no splitting time up this year.  It was bitter-sweet.  Nonetheless we enjoyed our time in Galveston.  Leslie, my MIL, works at a place that allows her to get tickets to all kinds of local events - including the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens.  So while we were down there, we made an outing of that.  The kids liked it, but as an adult, I would have rather relaxed on the couch after the fulfilling turkey dinner.  Speaking of that - Cash experienced his first table foods and has insisted on eating them at every chance ever since.  Let me just say, the kid LOVES to eat.  And he's no picky eater.  (thank goodness)

A few weeks later, we took Kaila and Cash to Santa's Farm.  This is something that I look forward to every year - even as an adult.  The Kingwood Park High and Kingwood High School FFA's combine to have a fundraiser and dress up their animals and the ag barn for Christmas.  They have food/hot chocolate and hay rides and there's a Santa out there.  Best of all, you can pet the animals.  Cash was afraid of the horses for a while, but he finally came around and decided to pet one.

You can still see a bit of reluctance in his eyes.  And this particular horse sneezed on Kaila-which turned out to be quite hysterical.  
Christmas was VERY hectic, as always, but it's also great to be spending it with loved ones.  Danielle was able to come down from Tulsa (yay!) and Matt was even able to come down from the rigsite he was working at to be with us for a couple days.  Cash did great for his Christmas and of course got WAY too many toys.  They have all already been played with sufficiently though, as we had some close friends and family over for New Years Eve.

Christmas Eve was at Amy's - and she treated us to her homemade creme brulee'.  We let Cash have a couple bites of it and he about came across the table trying to get after more of it.  He is DEFINITELY his mommy and daddy's little boy.  :)

Trey was playing with Cash with this cup and it just had him cracking up.  It was the cutest thing and I just love the pictures I got of him laughing his little head off.  He has the cutest laugh and sweetest "real" smile.  

a montage of a few of Cash's favorite's ...

Ever since just before Thanksgiving we have been having issues with Cash's ears.  He had a never-ending double ear infection.  We took him to the ENT because we were tired of pumping him full of antibiotics (which eventually caused thrush - ugh) and he ultimately (after trying some drops to clear up a build up of ear wax didn't work) determined that Cash needed tubes.  So, the day after Christmas, in we went for surgery.  He's still having some drainage, which we are told is normal, but otherwise seems to be doing much better.  The doctor did advise us to change from milk-based to soy-based formula as he thinks that could be the cause of the fluid build up (an allergy to the milk, based on the cloudiness of the fluid) and mentioned that he feels Cash may need several sets of tubes.  oh joy.
Cash did great for surgery, considering he was STARVING and cranky because of this.  He even tried to eat the face off the bear they gave him.  He wasn't allowed to eat/drink anything after midnight and we were to be at the surgery center at 7:45am.  You know that means they don't even begin prepping until at least 9.  Poor thing.  They gave him some kinda happy drug when they first brought us back and that made him forget that he was hungry and made him loopy.  That made him act so cute.  I think we were done and leaving there by 10:30?  It was pretty quick, all things considered.

I'm gonna eat your face off!!!!!!!!

loopy and acting cute!  :)

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