Friday, October 5, 2012

Ranch Weekend

Last weekend Cash and I rode up to Fairfield with my parents to meet Danielle, Matt, Aubrey, and Maci for their work weekend (along with several of Matt's family and their friends).  After Friday they got rained out, so it turned out to be more social than work, but that's okay.  We all need that sometimes.  Especially when my favorite sister has moved far, far away.  :(

We literally did nothing but relax and play with our babies.  Cash got to play with Aubrey and Maci and he loved it.  Danielle and I got to talk and we loved it.  Mom got to sleep and she loved it.  Dad got to sit out in the wilderness and he loved it.  It was just a weekend of greatness!

Here are a few pictures:

Oh, I've been introduced to a new software and I LOVE it.  It's like a ray of light beaming down on me. I can't stop playing with it!!

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