Saturday, October 27, 2012


For Halloween this year, Cash HAD to be a frog.  He told me so.  :)

Actually, I decided that a frog would be the PERFECT costume for the time that Halloween hit his age/milestone for crawling.  Except he isn't quite crawling yet.  :/ He's getting in the position, but not quite moving yet.  So, the frog is still perfect.

A couple weeks ago, Leslie, Oscar and I took Kaila and Cash to a local church that had a pumpkin patch.  We took some plain clothes pictures amongst the pumpkins as well as photos in their Halloween costumes.

Here are some that I came up with:

love my lil' man!! 

the princess and the frog!  (Leslie made K's Belle costume!)

pretty sure he's the cutest little frog in town :)

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