Friday, October 5, 2012

Cash's Weird Sicky-ness

So, on Wednesday of this week I get a phone call from the daycare that Cash has a fever of 101.9 (WOW) and needs to be picked up.  (AGAIN?! - he had a fever of 100.3 {or something like that} last Thursday and had to be picked up - trip to the pediatrician on Friday of last weekend determined it was a mysterious "fever virus")  So I tell the worker that I think it's just allergies as Trey and I are both going through allergy attacks right now and Cash has been displaying the same symptoms.  She says if that's that case that I just need to get a note from the pediatrician stating so and that he's not contagious and he's welcome to come back.  *sigh*

Trey goes to pick him up.  As he's putting him in the car seat Cash starts SCREAMING.  This is totally abnormal.  *huh*  He gets him home and he's fine.  Just playing as usual.  Once I got home from work, after he woke from his nap, I was loving on him.  I happened to look at the back of his right hand and noticed a welp, which looked like a bee/wasp sting.  I asked Trey about it.  He said he noticed it after he got him home from daycare, but that he screamed when he put him in his carseat.  We tossed around the idea of whether there was an insect lying in wait in the carseat and it stung him once Trey put him in it?  Or if he got stung earlier and no one said anything to us (perhaps not knowing it?, but HOW??? note: this option is unlikely because they told us about a scratch on Cash's face that came from a little girl in his class.  And they were so nervous telling us about it.  This could easily have been blamed on Cash scratching himself.) and maybe Trey agitated it as he put him in the carseat??  We are still kinda questioning this.

first bee sting...right there on the knuckle :(

His fever gets as high as 102.3 Wednesday night.  I give him a half dose of children's Allegra before bed (which is non-drowsy), and he sleeps All NIGHT.  without changing positions.  at all.  We checked on him several times to make sure he was still ok.  Obviously the poor thing could BREATHE finally!  When he wakes up Thursday morning his fever is completely gone.  98.7.  *huh*  Trey takes him to the pediatrician anyway, just to make sure the sting isn't anything weird or infected.  They run tests and FINALLY determine that he has the FLU.  WHAT?!  They give him a shot and call in a rx for Tamiflu and want to see him again on Friday morning.  *urgh*  He gets home and STILL is not acting sick.

I think he had a little bit of a fever once he got to the doctor's office on Thursday, but by the time I got home on Thursday evening, there was no more.  And wasn't running one at all on Friday.  But, they wanted to see him anyway to follow up.  They did another blood test.  Determined that his white count was back to normal.  He had no fever.  No boogers.  Was acting fine.  The doctor was thoroughly perplexed.  He said "well, I saw the 'flu positive' result with my own eyes, I just don't understand."  So he still wanted to treat him as if he has it.  IMO - perhaps the bee sting and the allergies just made the test wacky.  Because he DOES have boogers.  But the Allegra clears them up.  Which tells me it's allergies.  But who knows.  ???

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