Saturday, April 2, 2011

Operation: Mike's cube

A couple of weeks ago, my co-worker Mike went on a cruise. Another co-worker, Paul said to me: "Courtney, I've got to save boxes so that I can build a 'club house' for Mike's cube. I want to cover the front of it and cut a door out of it that he has to open to get in his cubicle. And make a sign that says 'No girls allowed!! (This means you Mike!)" I said that what he needed to do was get a crap ton of ping pong balls and load up the overhead cabinet with them so that when he opened it, they would pour out everywhere. He said I was genius, we researched doing this and long story short, the shipping wouldn't work. They just wouldn't get there in time. :( SO, instead, we used packing peanuts! In both overhead cabinets and EVERY single desk/filing drawer. Paul EVEN rigged a webcam to video it (set to start recording off of motion) in case we couldn't be there to see it when Mike arrived.
See the chaos:

The Kracken:

Mike was HACKED!!! Paul bought his lunch out of guilt. :) We couldn't stop laughing.
We ALMOST did it again (on a smaller scale) for April Fool's but refrained.

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