Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aubrey turns 2

Trey and I went to Danielle and Matt's house in Tyler last weekend for Aubrey's 2nd birthday. It was very relaxed - just 2 of Danielle's friends came over for the party (only one had a little boy Aubrey's age) and then some family was there. It was small, which was nice, but enough to make Aubrey feel special. And she celebrated for at least a week long. She got a TON of loot. (See the 4th picture) She started unwrapping as soon as she saw the presents and just unwrapped one whenever she felt like it. It was a great time!

Cohen had just pulled her ponytail and was apologizing. Sweet, sweet boy!!

She was LOVING her sparkly Sketcher's and her Kathy van Zeeland sparkly purse! Mama even put a Coach wallet in it from the purse market in Bali :) If she only knew how lucky she was with all her designer duds.

As soon as she put the oven mitt on, she punched Danielle. She thought it was a boxing glove!!! This little chef's outfit was adorable!

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