Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh Spring, How I Love Thee

We have a lot of azalea bushes in front of our house. Which apparently, at least this year translates to a MILLION bumble bees. Seriously. I counted at least 20 in the one set of bushes by our driveway. The ones by our front door had another at least 5 at one time. This is not cool. We also have had wasps for the past 3 springs that keep trying to build a nest in the attic. They might have succeeded. I saw one fly into the crevice right above the azalea bushes. I told Trey that we need to call an exterminator because I don't want to end up on "Billy the exterminator". Yipes!

If you look closely, you can see the bumble bee in the middle.


  1. Damion is terrified of wasps and bees. He would pass out if he was at your house.

  2. Bobbie: now that the azaela's are no longer in bloom, the bees are gone!! And I haven't seen any wasps since then either! (and I kept thinking I'd find them in the house, coming through the vents, but no! yay!) I keep a can of wasp spray on the window sill outside just in case, to be prepared. Because for the longest time, you just never knew when you'd see one. But I haven't had to use it this year. Yet. YAY! Last spring I think I used 8 cans. At least.