Wednesday, August 11, 2010

zoom zoom

Sunday funday!
With me working in recruiting at Schlumberger, I get LOTS of perks ;) Including getting to participate in the group activity that we scheduled for the interns wrap up session at MSR Houston, which is over powered go karts. OHHHHH YEAAAAH. Trey was in HEAAAAA-VEN! (said in a high pitched screechy-type voice) He texted me on Monday and said "Courtney, I had dreams of go-karting!!!"

These bad boys had seats that conformed to your body so that you didn't wear seat belts. They went 50mph. You were required to wear a helmet and it was impossible to flip them. Trust me. I tried (not intentionally of course - I'm safe). I did do-nuts and got stuck and had to be pulled off the "warning strips" because I was high-centered on them. :D

This was the slowest car I had. It had nothing to do with it being my first drive and me knowing NOTHING about how to drive the kart or manuever the track. :)

By this time, I was a pro! My lap times went from 1:24 to 1:12 :D And I was not driving in the grass anymore! Yay me. Time for a race car!

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