Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aunt Marie turns 100

Trey and I had a VERY busy weekend. We went to the "Hunter's Exravaganza" for a couple of hours before heading to Trey's great Aunt Marie's 100th birthday party at the Marriott Galleria. It was a pretty amazing event.

We saw some, uhm, unique (to say the least) stuff at the huntin' show...
some ticked off rattlesnakes:

some deer butts that a taxidermist turned into oddball faces:

Kaila found some airvents along the windows that she liked playing on...think Marilyn Monroe:

4 generations of Crawford's:

all the Crawford's...old and new :)

So this is Aunt Marie and there's a funny story behind it. Kinda. I guess you had to be there, but I'm gonna tell it anyway :D
Kaila insisted on taking pictures with my camera. I did NOT want her up in MY face taking pictures so I told her to go take one of Aunt Marie. She runs off for a while and comes back with this: LOL

I LOVE these of Amy & Oscar! (& Kaila)

When does she NOT want to wear my bracelets? I think subconciously I wear them FOR her ;) It's what a good aunt does, right?

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  1. ohhhh...I like those ear-bobs!! Where are they from?