Sunday, August 1, 2010

A weekend with my girls...

I met my friends Cacy and Mandy (with a couple of their friends, Jordan and Laura-all from Midland) in San Antonio last weekend (7/23rd-25th) for Cacy's birthday. I hadn't seen Cacy in eons (minus the week she was in Houston in June for a teaching workshop) so we figured her birthday was just as good a time as any for an excuse to get together! We had a blast!
We stayed on the Riverwalk in the Hilton Homewood Suites hotel and did A LOT of walking, shopping and hanging out.

The Midland girls all arrived on Thursday night, but I couldn't meet there until I got off work on Friday. :( So when I got there, we got ready, went to dinner at Ibiza on the Riverwalk, had a couple drinks and got Cacy a dessert and a song. They sang to her and gave her a hat. It was cute :)

We went back to the hotel to touch up our make-up and have a couple "free" drinks. We headed back out to "Tabu" to get our dance on. This dance club was fun! They had some go-go dancers that sure could dance. We really just liked to stand and stare. We were jealous of their skills. It was a 2-story bar, and eventually, they let us go upstairs, where we finished up our night.
This is me, Mandy & Cacy:

me, Laura, Jordan, Mandy, & Cacy:

We went shopping at La Cantera mall. It was awesome. A very beautiful outdoor mall with all you could imagine. WOW. :D
After shopping, we went to "Howl at the Moon." It's a piano bar. We stood in line FOREVER. We got there at like 9:30-10:00 thinking that would be plenty of time. WRONG! We were in line for about an hour. It was a lot of fun though. I'd go back if I am in the area again! Tabu was right across the street and we did end up there again by the end of the night. We just couldn't resist. It was that much fun :)

But, while in line at HATM, Jordan made friends with the Air Force boys behind us, Lucas and Justin, and somehow convinced Lucas to trade shoes with her once we got into the bar. It was a cute picture. :)

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  1. ohhh...La Cantera! I LOVED that mall, and I also have some really funny memories from there! :)