Friday, December 4, 2009

O' Tannenbaum, O'Tannenbaum...

Oh. My. Gosh. Our tree. It's ENORMOUS!
Here goes the story of the Crawford Christmas tree.
Our friend, Steve, has a Christmas tree farm. Neat. We get a free tree. The weekend we had planned to up and pick one out, cut it down (do all the fun things involved in a real tree), Steve tells us "Oh, you can't come up this weekend, it's family weekend and I didn't know that when I told you it was a good weekend." We ask if he can bring one back for us (first mistake).
Steve: "Suuuuure! What size would you like?"
Trey: "Eh, 6 foot, MAYBE 7 foot."
Steve: "Sure, no problem."
Steve gets back from the "farm" with our beloved tree.
Steve: "Well we had a big storm up there this year, so all the trees were leaning on each other which made for a bad side."
Courtney: "Perfect! That would be great to put in the corner!"
Steve: "Well, I dug around through them all and found the one that looked the best, which happened to be on the end, so it's NICE!"
We unload it from his truck, put it in ours, get home and put it in the stand on the driveway (second mistake).
Courtney: "Wow, we're going to have to trim this thing a lot!"
Trey: "I told him 6-7 feet tall...not TEN!" (No lie, the thing was the size of my Tahoe...Steve will NOT be picking our tree out next year!)
So we trimmed it up and decided that it should stay on the driveway overnight until the next evening to put it in the house so that all the sap could kinda "dry up". (3rd mistake) GUESS WHAT! It rained the next day. And not only did it rain, but it effing poured! So it stayed out another night. We drug it in the house the NEXT day. Sap, pine needles, leaves, you name it...EVERYWHERE. You ask, "do vacuum cleaners like sappy pine needles?" NO! THEY DO NOT! That was another disaster in itself. Being the size that it was, in comparison to our fake one last year, I have like 1/3 the ornaments the sucker needs. Ya know how every year there's some ornaments that just don't make the cut? Well, even those made it this year. And no, a tree topper does not fit. Here is a photo of our lovely tree.

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