Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at Mom & Dad's

We enjoyed our Christmas with my side of the family on 12/22. It was a great time with everyone and watching the excitement Aubrey showed in "opening" her gifts. She LOVED the rocking chair that has been passed down again and again. It was PawPaw's to begin with and of course it has been re-finised at least once, because guaranteed, he was NOT into Strawberry Shortcake!

Mom knows how much I LOVE goofy hats and found this one for me. Looks kinda like a Jamaican deal. In addition, she was given this bamboo nativity set. The camel (what we think is the camel anyway), we joked, looked like a crack pipe. Went perfect with my hat! And notice that Mom's plant in the background happens to look like pot! BAAAHAHAHAHaahha

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