Friday, December 11, 2009

Let the parties begin...

Our Mann Eye Christmas party was supposed to be last Friday. Us wussy Texas folk apparently can't handle a TEEEENY bit of snow so it was rescheduled to this evening. It was a lovely time. I did NOT win a door prize, yet again *big surprise*, there was a girl fight (over what? I really don't know), drinking, dancing, and being merry. My carpool and I chose not to stay the whole time (things were getting a little crazy*Lisa being out of control crying drunk*haha, you know I love you)...but here are a few pictures of our grand ol' time.

me and my friend Jani

Cheers!! (Dina, Lisa, Christy, & me)

me and Dr. Baumohl

Silly girls

Me, Lindsey and Dina

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