Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at "Pop Bill's"

It is tradition to go to Trey's dad's house on Christmas day to enjoy time there. He raises longhorns and Kaila always likes to go feed them. We discovered that they like their nuggets much better than carrots. She was so excited to get going and laughing at Trey and Oscar being silly with the carrots.

This is my favorite cow. She's beautiful.

This is Fernando, one of the steers. His horns are frikkin huge. Oscar experienced how they feel first hand. Fernando did NOT want the carrot.

Francis. The only bull.

Spook. The only one of her kind.

I FINALLY figured out how to halfway ride Oscar's RipStick. (yes, be proud) On my best run at it, Butterball (Bill's lab mix whom you can see at the bottom of the picture), decided that she wanted to ride WITH me. I was unaware of this until it set me off balance and sent me straight to my butt.

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