Sunday, February 24, 2013

11 months - OH MY!

My baby is growing so fast.  Please make the time stop!  I'm already planning his one year birthday party and I can't stand it.  He is just the sweetest, most loving and happy little guy in the world, but I hate that he's growing up so fast!

This weekend we took 11 month photos AND did a one year shoot for him so that I could send out photos of him with his party invites.  He was a superstar.  Other than not really diggin' the cupcake, he did amazing!!  And I need to shoutout to my good friend Bobbie Byrd at Clumsy Crafter for so kindly letting me use her Nikon D-series camera for this photo shoot.  I've been wanting one of these cameras for a long time now.  It's no longer a want.  Now, it's a NEED.  I had so much fun with this beauty, and I didn't even do much with it out of fear.  I can't wait to have one of my own to play with!!!  Thanks again Bobbie, you're the best!

At 11 months, he's:

  • FINALLY over his ear infections/drainage
  • feeding himself his meals (with his fingers) - and doing a REALLY good job of it.
  • LOVES the heck out of hotdogs
  • eats primarily table food
  • snacks on mum mums and puffs
  • drinks LOTS of water out of sippy cups, so transitioning to "milk" should be a piece of cake - I say "milk" because he won't be allowed to have cow's milk as that's what was determined to be the cause of his ear infections (an allergy to it.  He's not lactose intolerant, he just has a milk allergy-so he will have to drink soy or rice or almond milk)
  • He crawls everywhere, and fast!  He also cruises the furniture and uses his push toys very well.  He is also good at re-directing them when he runs into something.  
  • He says: mama, dada, bottle (ba-ba), water (wa-wa), more (moh), neenee (which is paci), and hi (ha) - and constantly babbles, which I wish I could understand!
  • He sleeps completely through the night
  • naps 2-3 times throughout the day, usually in 30 minute increments, sometimes he'll surprise us with a long one
  • LOVES bath time and splashing all about in the tub
  • LOVES brushing his TWO teeth, and only the teeth - he re-directs me to the teeth if i try to brush his gums
  • still loves giving wet slobbery kisses and cuddles and I LOVE getting them!
  • I'm really not sure how tall he is, but he's just about 19 lbs.  He's wearing 12 month clothes for the most part; but he's still pretty short, so he can wear 9 month shorts.  
That's about all I can think of for now...

my happy little guy playing with his chomp n clack!!

a favorite photo from our session for "one year"

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  1. What a precious John Deere tractor! LOVE that! Have fun planning Year 1 celebrations!